Monday 17 June 2013


Firstly, I'll start by saying that this isn't meant to cause offense. If anything, it's to point out areas of people's games I admire as well as areas I want point out to people so that they can iron out those parts of their game. I was asked to be 'brutal' with all of this, but that doesn't really benefit anyone.

So, it is instead just my honest opinion.

Secondly, this is for Street Fighter 4 only, and the player's abilities in that game only. Furthermore, if you're not in this it's probably just because I know you're not actively interested in playing SF4.

Thirdly, I think it's fun to talk shop. I don't do it with anyone really so here are my thoughts on who I would pick as the 5-man north east SF4 team. I'd like to add this is just who I would pick if it were up to me, as it most likely will not be if it came down to it. The players are picked from members of Teesside Fight Club, Bare Spongecake ("COME ON FUCK!") and the rest of the north east players whom I am aware of.

Rhys Noble

His ground game is good. His AA ability is excellent. His execution and reactions are good. He's good. Having a Ryu player on any team is something I would personally look for regardless of how good Rhys is. What Rhys doesn't have is the confidence and self-belief that you need to tough it out in tournament, but with strong players behind him this is less of an issue.

From a team dynamic standpoint, having Ryu on a team gives you a rock-solid matchup against any of the cast. Ryu is never out of the match, no matter who he is fighting.


Despite a lot of what is said about Hado by the local players ("he can't combo", "he just does stuff", "he mashes" etc), and some of it is true, he has something that no one else in the north east has; complete and total unpredictability. What he lacks in execution and on the ground, he makes up for with 'being Hadoshrooms'. He's the only player I would never want to run into in tournament as I simply would not be able to plan or know how the match will go like I can with every other player.

I would always look for a Zangief player on a team. You're forcing the opponent to play in a particular way, even Sagats, and Hado definitely knows this. It's why he plays the way he does. That is why Hado still beats the majority of the local players, why he won a PvC, came runner-up at a PvC, why he is always a problem and why he would be on my team.


His knowledge of his character is good, he has solid execution and he knows his matchups. Mike lacks in some areas (his ground game and defensive-zoning are questionable), but his character's archetype kind of makes up for this. Mike thrives in tournament; he's the most consistently high placing player of all the north east players, and he is almost definitely the most-improved player in the north east throughout the game's span. But, the reason he is on my team is because of his character choice in conjunction with his player mentality.

In one-and-off formats, Mike can gimmick anyone into losing. This is a fact, and coupled with his consistency in tournament he would definitely get a spot on my team.


Having a Cammy player on the team is standard. Squaddy's Cammy is a setup monster; he knows them all. He does press too many buttons on defence and his ground game is not as strong as the rest of his game but Cammy, like Mike with Juri, makes up for this and in some cases this tendency can pay off. He's also another player that can shine in one-and-off formats.

There's also the fact that he's placed Top 8 at both Hypespotting events, and consistently places high in any tournament he enters. He would be on my team for these reasons.


Fei Long is a tournament character. He's good in any format, in just about any matchup, at any stage in a tournament. This goes for team tournaments too. Much like Ryu, Fei Long is never out of a match.

I have solid fundamentals and I'm confident in my knowledge of the game, it's mechanics and how to exploit them. Having a broad knowledge of the game can sometimes make up for my weaker areas, such as my reactions and AAing. That, combined with my character choice, means I am on the team.

Reasons why you may not be on the team:


He has good knowledge of his character and knows his character's strengths. Unfortunately, therein lies the problem. I don't think he has the discipline to stick to a gameplan, despite his matchup knowledge, and relies on 'making reads' instead of just playing to his character's strengths. The character Blanka is not a strong character in team format when combined with these issues.

Player-wise; his execution is solid but his AAing and throw-teching are weak.


He has strong mindgames and uses a character where big risks can pay off. The rest of his game is lacking in key areas however (footsies, AA and execution) and despite also using a grapple-type character, T.Hawk is not a strong character that is never out of the match unlike Zangief.


Knows a lot about the game, and knows his frame data. Plays solidly and knows his characters well. He's set!

Unfortunately, I don't think he has the confidence in tournament play to make me put him ahead of any of my other choices despite him being on a par with a couple.

And, that wraps it up.

Hope people got something out of reading this.

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